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Is there a compendium of virtual machines and languages derived or inspired by Lua? By derived, I mean usage beyond embedding and extending with modules. I'm wanting to research the Lua technology tree, and am looking for our combined knowledge of what already exists.

Current List:

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  • Squirrel -- high level imperative/OO programming language
  • GSL Shell -- interactive CLI with easy access to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
  • Objective Lua -- almost pure superset of Lua that welds the Objective C object orientation system and syntax on top of the classic Lua language
  • Jill -- Java Implementation of Lua Language
  • Dao -- OO programming language with soft (or optional) typing, BNF-like macro system
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There's a good list of Lua implementations on the lua users wiki, including compilers/interpreters, languages implemented in lua and languages based on lua.

Luaforge might also be a good resource.

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Very embarrassed that I missed that page! However, the question has uncovered some more links that I'll do my best to add to this page. –  Shane Holloway Mar 27 '10 at 16:35

It's just an implementation, not a list, but there's Lua-ML. There's an application paper and a technology paper. The code is a little out of date; apparently the nightly build at http://www.cminusminus.org/ is broken.

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