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I have a some data in SQL Server in a VARBINARY column, I just want to know how to display it into a PictureBox in VB.NET. How to do this?

Binary data looks something like:

0x1F8B0800000000000400EDBD07601C499625262F6DCA7B7F4AF54AD7E.....(and a great many more bytes to come)......
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but the link that you gave doesn't show how to display the varbinary data into picturebox on VB.NET, can you explain to me the step by step process of displaying it? Thank you. –  user3921411 Aug 12 at 11:48

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  Private Sub sample()
    Dim command, commandReader As New NpgsqlCommand
    command.Connection = GetConnection()
    command.CommandText = "select imgField from imgtable"
    Dim productImageByte As Byte() = TryCast(command.ExecuteScalar, Byte())
    If productImageByte IsNot Nothing Then
        Using productImageStream As Stream = New System.IO.MemoryStream(productImageByte)
            PPicBoxPhoto.Image = Image.FromStream(productImageStream)
        End Using
    End If
End Sub
  • NOTE : This a sample of my code that I'm using for my requirement,using postgresql database and my image's filed is bytea
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