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I'm using Django with google app engine. I'm using the google furnished django app engine helper project.

I'm attempting to create a Django modelformset like this:

#MyModel inherits from BaseModel    
MyFormSet = modelformset_factory(models.MyModel)

However, it's failing with this error:

'ModelOptions' object has no attribute 'fields'

Apparently modelformset_factory() is expecting MyModel to implement a 'fields' accessor.

Anybody successfully used a modelformset with GAE datastore? Or is this a fundamental incompatibility between Django and GAE?

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It is a fundamental incompatibility between Django and GAE, because they do not share the same interface for their models. The django helper does not include a patch for the modelformsets, but django-nonrel probably does, or will eventually.

Since the google team does not spend much time on the django helper any more, you are probably better off looking at django-nonrel http://www.allbuttonspressed.com/projects/django-nonrel unless you want to patch the helper yourself.

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