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Can anyone tell me how do this? They are already integers, so I'm not sure what to try...

var lrgSlideShow = {
    activeClass: 'active',
    wrapperClass: 'slideshow-widget-large',
    pauseLength: 2000,
    fadeLength: 1000

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What is changeImg? (BTW, add a semicolon after the }.) –  kennytm Mar 26 '10 at 20:18
lrgSlideShow.pauseLength+lrgSlideShow.fadeLength evaluates correctly. Your problem lies elsewhere. –  Raj Kaimal Mar 26 '10 at 20:33

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The interval calc (lrgSlideShow.pauseLength+lrgSlideShow.fadeLength) is correct. Maybe changeImg is not invoking as expected?

Another thought: Do the var declaration and the setInterval invocation share the same functional scope? If not then setInterval may be unable to find lrgSlideShow or finding the wrong one

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