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I'm trying to merge a hash with the key/values of string in ruby.


h = {:day => 4, :month => 8, :year => 2010}
s = "/my/crazy/url/:day/:month/:year"
puts s.interpolate(h)

All I've found is to iterate the keys and replace the values. But I'm not sure if there's a better way doing this? :)

class String
  def interpolate(e)
    self if e.each{|k, v| self.gsub!(":#{k}", "#{v}")}


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"Better" is probably subjective, but here's a method using only one call to gsub:

class String
  def interpolate!(h)
    self.gsub!(/:(\w+)/) { h[$1.to_sym] }


>> "/my/crazy/url/:day/:month/:year".interpolate!(h)
=> "/my/crazy/url/4/8/2010"
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but what happens if you have s="/my/crazy/url/:somethingelse/:month/:year"? – John La Rooy Mar 27 '10 at 6:32
Well, h[:nothashed] gives nil, so it would replace with an empty string. You can fix that with something like h[$1.to_sym]||"default" – Michael Pilat Mar 27 '10 at 18:02

That doesn't look bad to me, but another approach would be to use ERB:

require 'erb'

h = {:day => 4, :month => 8, :year => 2010}
template = "/my/crazy/url/<%=h[:day]%>/<%=h[:month]%>/<%=h[:year]%>"
puts template.result(binding)
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Additional idea could be to extend String#% method so that it know how to handle Hash parameters, while keeping existing functionality:

class String
  alias_method :orig_percent, :%
  def %(e)
    if e.is_a?(Hash)
      # based on Michael's answer
      self.gsub(/:(\w+)/) {e[$1.to_sym]}
      self.orig_percent e

s = "/my/%s/%d/:day/:month/:year"
puts s % {:day => 4, :month => 8, :year => 2010}
#=> /my/%s/%d/4/8/2010
puts s % ['test', 5]
#=> /my/test/5/:day/:month/:year
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Thank you Mladen. This looks really promising – LazyJason Mar 26 '10 at 22:36

No need to reinvent Ruby built-ins:

h = {:day => 4, :month => 8, :year => 2010}
s = "/my/crazy/url/%{day}/%{month}/%{year}"
puts s % h

(Note this requires Ruby 1.9+)

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Still a lot of Ruby 1.8.x scripts out there, but it's nice that 1.9 finally implemented such a basic feature. – tokland Aug 14 '11 at 10:07

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