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I'm working on a music blog that provides review scores ranging from 0.0 - 10. Since the authors already developed their system of typing in the score in the content, I'm trying figure out a way to emphasis them better.


"Score: 6.4" 

returns something like

<div class="score">6.4</div>

Is there way to do this in an array to put every score possibility down within function.php or on the single.php page. Whatever is cleaner.

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You can do a regular expression search/replace for the content. Then you can hook it into Wordpress by creating a plugin and using the wp add_filter function.

function expand_scores($content) {
 return preg_replace('/(score):\s*([\d.]+)/ims', '<div class="score">$1: $2</div>', $content);
add_filter('the_content', 'expand_scores');

Both the expand_scores and the add_filter call go into your plugin file. The the_content hook applies the expand_scores function to all post data retrieved from the database before printing.

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Thanks, it works great! –  Dave Santos Mar 27 '10 at 7:29

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