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I have the following piece of XML:

   <ObsCont xCampo="field1">
   <ObsCont xCampo="field2">
   <ObsCont xCampo="field3">

How do I (using linq) get for example what is inside the xTexto tag that has as parent the ObsCont with the xCampo attribute "field2" ?

(c#, vb.net, your choice)

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XDocument xml = XDocument.Parse(@"<your XML>");
from field in xml.Elements("ObsCont")
where field.Attribute("xCampo") != null && 
field.Attribute("xCampo").Value == "field2"
select field.Element("xTexto").Value;

This returns an IEnumerable of type string containing all of the values with the criteria that you specified.

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What about the xCampo part? –  Mark Byers Mar 26 '10 at 21:22
Must have missed that part somehow... –  Brett Widmeier Mar 26 '10 at 21:29

I would use Linq to XML:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("input.xml");
XElement element = doc
    .Single(x => x.Attribute("xCampo").Value == "field2");
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    string s = @"<xml>
       <ObsCont xCampo=""field1"">
       <ObsCont xCampo=""field2"">
       <ObsCont xCampo=""field3"">

    XElement xe = XElement.Parse(s);
   var n1 =  xe.Elements("ObsCont")
       .Where(a => a.Attribute("xCampo") != null && 
           a.Attribute("xCampo").Value == "field2")
       .Select(a => a).SingleOrDefault();
   if (n1 != null)
       var n2 = n1.Descendants("xTexto").SingleOrDefault();
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