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I followed the tutorial from

http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/tutorials/emulate-a-bluetooth-keyboard-with-the-raspberry-pi https://github.com/Mqrius/BluePloverPi (get the code here)

and set up my raspberry to emulate a keyboard. This works well, but unfortunately my raspberry does not reconnect to my phone automatically if I go out of bluetooth range and then enter again. I looked at HIDReconnectInitiate in SPD but this is also set to true.

According to the bluetooth HID specification: "The Bluetooth HID device will page the Bluetooth HID Host and create an ACL connection. The Bluetooth HID Host will accept the connection request and request a role switch though the device may also request a role switch or remain the master of the link."

I wonder if I can manually trigger this paging with hcitool or, preferably, python.


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