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I am simply trying to allow a user access to a method if they are authenticated, but nothing I am doing seems to work. Is there a way to just check if the user has been authenticated? The following still denies the user even when authenticated... Is there a built in role for an authenticated user?

public String secure(ModelMap map){
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IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY is not a role - it is a pre-defined credential (aka 'magic' string) recognized by the AuthenticatedVoter to indicate that you have logged in. This voter also supports anonymous and remember-me login.

Roles are processed by the RoleVoter which recognizes any sting starting with "ROLE_" (prefix is configurable). Thus hasRole('IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY') doesn't work because it's not a role. @RolesAllowed("IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY") wouldn't work for the same reason.

When using Spring expression language, the correct expression is:


Alternatively, you can use:


No custom classes are required - both voters are enabled by default.

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hasRole('ROLE_USER') is the traditional name for any user who is authenticated. You would typically use ROLE_ANONYMOUS for parts where you don't care if the person is authenticated or not.

(Added later:)

I think you will need to implement a custom AccessDecisionVoter that will always vote ACCESS_GRANTED whenever the parameter authentication has isAuthenticated() true, and the CONFIG_ATTRIBUTE is ROLE_USER or similar.

There is further discussion of this in this forum discussion, giving details of a web.xml and other config.

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I am using the default ldap-authentication-provider with no role mapping. When a user is authenticated, I can see in the logging: "[DEBUG,DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator] Roles from search: []" is there a way to simply set a role for any user that is authenticated vs searching the ldap directory? –  wuntee Mar 27 '10 at 0:08

In your custom UserDetailService implementation just add the Role "IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY" to the User object before it's returned.

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This is what I have ended up using:

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