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I am trying to get (a) context switch number and (b) interrupts number - from "latency" command on a Mac OSX system - 10.8. I am running this command via Java ProcessBuilder. One of the flag on "latency" command happens to be "-l logFileNmae" which (on a high level) dumps output from "latency" command to the specified "logFileName".

In the case, where I run this command from Mac's terminal application(i.e. no Processbuilder - no java) and then press Control C - after 2 seconds or so - the mentioned "logFileName" is written to i.e. it worked in an expected manner.

However, when I run the same thing wrapped in Processbuilder - what happens is that - when i issue a call to "destroy()" - the "logFileName" is not written to - it is created but with 0 bytes. This leads me to believe that "destroy()" isn't an equivalent to issuing a - for example - Control C or correct SIGxxx signal to underlying command.

Is there a way to have the same behavior be implemented via Processbuilder (for the case mentioned above) - as seen if I run the command directly on terminal (i.e. no Processbuilder). Please note I cant use setreditectoutputstream as latency directs the output in a non-readable format in that case (this is to say that using "-l" flag is not same as redirecting the output from command that does not use "-l" flag)

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. OR is there any other command on Mac which might measure same thing?

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Do not call destroy()! Periodically call flush() –  Elliott Frisch Aug 12 '14 at 19:42

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