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  • I'm using Handlebars templates in JavaScript that's part of a SpringMVC 3.x web application.
  • Project builds are done using ant.
  • Neither Node.js nor Ruby are available on the Linux server.


  • I want to precompile Handlebars templates into JavaScript as part of the build process.
  • That is, I don't want to precompile the templates locally and then have to check generated code into source control.
  • Without Node.js or Ruby, the server doesn't support the Handlebars npm package nor the Ruby gem, so I can't go the straight-forward route.

Attempts at Resolution

Gems-in-a-jar worked well for Compass, but the Handlebars gem relies on native extensions and JRuby doesn't play nice with native extensions and wouldn't build them. I tried a couple of proposed solutions, but had no luck.

Other Notes

I looked at Handlebars.java but that seems to be geared more toward using Handlebars templates application-wide, which feels like overkill for my purposes.

I'm looking for a light-weight solution that doesn't create a lot of dependencies and would like to avoid potential maintenance headaches as much as possible.

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Better buy admin a drink and ask to install node.js on build server :) –  raidendev Aug 13 at 13:50
There is also a Rhino JS engine, which is written on Java and can be embedded. –  raidendev Aug 13 at 13:53

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I put together a solution based on a blog post about precompiling Handlebars with Rhino. There's a bit of JavaScript that precompiles the Handlebars templates and the ant task uses Rhino to run the JavaScript.

The original JavaScript expects all templates to be in the same directory and concatenates all the generated code into a single file. I have templates across multiple directories and wanted to precompile each of them into an individual file, so my JavaScript is a little different, as is the ant task:

<target name="handlebars">
  <apply executable="java" dest="${javascript.dir}">
    <arg value="-jar"/>
    <arg path="${lib-ext.dir}/rhino.jar"/>
    <arg value="${lib-ext.dir}/rhino-handlebars-precompiler.js"/>
    <arg value="--handlebars"/>
    <arg value="${javascript.dir}/handlebars/handlebars.js"/>
    <arg value="--template"/>
    <arg value="--output"/>
    <fileset id="fileset" dir="${javascript.dir}">
      <include name="**/*.tmpl" />
    <mapper type="glob" from="*.tmpl" to="*.tmpl.js"/>
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