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i'm trying to make the following routes .. and currently i'm going about this in a really long way.. ie. one route instance for EACH route.

this is what i'm after... (assuming i'm doing a 'stackoverflow website')

/                        <-- root site
/page/{page}             <-- root site, but to the page of questions.
/tag/{tag}/page/{page}   <-- as above, but the questions are filtered by tag
/question/ask            <-- this page :P
/question/{subject}      <-- reading about a question

(and no.. i'm most definitely not doing a stackoverflow website :) )


(gawd i find dis all so confusing at times).

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For your third one, I'd do something like this:

routes.MapRoute("page-tag", "tag/{tag}/page/{page}", new {controller="question", action="FilterByTag"});

Your action method then could look like this:

public class QuestionController : Controller {
  public ActionResult FilterByTag(string tag, int page) {
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@Phil, if i use your page-tag route ... do i need to make a new route for /page or /tag? alternatively ... should i be having seperate routes for these? or should they be querystrings instead because they are minor value-add actions to the main action (listing questions). – Pure.Krome Nov 4 '08 at 1:11
It's up to you. Both are valid approaches. Some people don't like query string parameters, but many of the reasons for that view are now defunct. Google does index query string parameters. – Haacked Nov 19 '08 at 8:51
Phil, if you were going to have to do paging/sorting/filtering on a list of items (eg. 'questions' view, or 'products' view, etc), how would you do it? (post an example route/url to explain your answer). Please :) – Pure.Krome Nov 22 '08 at 0:12

I would change the last url to /question/view/{subject}. Futher Create 3 controllers:

  • PageController
  • TagController
  • QuestionController

in Global.asax create those routes,(take example at the default route)

Hope this helps.

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Cheers for the comment. I'm not after what controllers i need to make, just how to define the routes properly .. and how many routes. – Pure.Krome Oct 31 '08 at 14:07

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