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It's been a while since I last used Java, so forgive me if the question is stupid. In Ruby, I use .map quite a lot. Is there something similar in Java or do I have to iterate over the Array?

In Ruby, instead of

output = []
input.each do |elem|
  output << SomeClass.new(elem)

I can write

output = input.map { |elem| SomeClass.new(elem) }
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Since Java 8 and its support for lambda expressions and its stream API:

List<SomeClass> result = someCollection.stream()

If you're really using an array and not a collection (you should prefer collections almost always), then you can create a strem over the array using

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Yes, with Java 8 you can use streams to iterate over collections implicitly. For example:

final List<String> strings = Arrays.asList("Me", "You");
final List<String> reducedStrings = strings.stream().map(s -> s.substring(1)).collect(Collectors.asList()); // [ "e", "ou" ]
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