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I would like to add the support for real time collaboration to the OWIN - Asp.Net Web API - Angularjs - Breeze based application. The problem is of course that all WebRTC applications (seemingly) require nodejs as host while my existing app is OWIN (IIS) hosted.

The added difficulty is that I want the real time collaboration take place in the context of the "parent" (OWIN) application. Example: people using chat should be able to exchange the information that is maintained in the parent application; similar situation can arise in the video chat. This implies the need to open WebRTC app in the screen area owned by ASP.NET app - and iFrame based approach would not provide the needed context.

The unification where everything is hosted by Nodejs might be a possible solution (see this article) but It seems to me that my desire to provide real time collaboration may have too strong impact on overall architecture.

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Not sure I fully have understod the question but there should be other ways to solve the initiation of WebRTC than to use node.js. Most examples use node.js since that is a simple way to get it to work and to use websockets for signaling. As I understand IIS now also have support for websockets but I have not tested it myself. –  Mikael Holmgren Aug 13 '14 at 13:06

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