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I am developing for tablet and the objective is to have the expanded portion of a banner, expand to fullscreen on tablet. Since full-screen is not supported on mobile browsers I was hoping to find an alternative solution. Currently the div has a fixed width and height on it for both, portrait and landscape orientation.

Objective: Tablet: In portrait + landscape view to scale div to fill height preferably with CSS only or basic JS.

Not sure how to go about this. Thanks for your help!

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I'm not completely sure what your saying but have a look into media queries. They might be what you are looking for, it is pure css. http://css-tricks.com/css-media-queries/

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Hi, to clarify: I have built to a design that is set to the viewport of an iPad (768x1024) which is the targeted device. It's displaying the content perfectly fine based on the media-queries for portrait and landscape orientation, however since fullscreen is not supported on iOS Safari, how can I ensure that the content of the entire div is displayed without being cut off due to the browser window showing. Thanks! –  user2163224 Aug 13 '14 at 0:10
@user2163224 please include your code or even better, create a jsfiddle so i can properly see your issue. Thanks –  CrudeLogic Aug 13 '14 at 18:33

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