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I have the following output which I am trying to parse like so

PS C:\Users\Administrator> fcinfo /details

  adapter: Fibre Channel HBA-0
 node_wwn: c0:03:ff:00:00:ff:ff:00
   fabric: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
 port_wwn: c0:03:ff:58:b6:20:00:02
 osdevice: \\.\Scsi1:
    venid: x0
   prodid: x0

But I see not a clean parse using the below code

my $listHBAs = `fcinfo /details`;
my @lines = split(/\n/,$listHBAs);
my $wwns;
foreach (@lines) {
     if($_ =~ /port_wwn \s+ : (.*)$/){
         &runSsh($arrayIP, "$ig --wwpn $1");
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Why is this tagged Linux when the command is fairly clearly being run on Windows? You look as though you're using extended format for the regex but you haven't added the /x at the end of the regex. You also demand a space with \s+ but your sample output shows no space: m/port_wwn \s* : \s* (.*)$/x. – Jonathan Leffler Aug 13 '14 at 0:39
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Your regexp doesn't match output you provide and you're somewhat complicating things with unnecessary preprocessing (i.e. split).

my $listHBAs = `fcinfo /details`;
while ($listHBAs =~ /port_wwn\s*:\s*(\S*)$/gm) {
    &runSsh($arrayIP, "$ig --wwpn $1");

If you exepect just one port_wwn, if will do just as fine as while.

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