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Short question: How do I know if an instance has ephemeral storage attached? Do I have to ssh in and look at the mounts with "lsblk" on Linux?

Since ephemeral storage is lost when an instance is stopped, you need to know if ephemeral drives are attached at all. The first thing to check is the "root device type" of the instance, if it is EBS, then you don't have to worry about losing data (unless the EBS volume is set to 'delete on terminate'). However, if it is "instance-store" you will lose the data on that drive when the instance starts. Then look at the "root device" and "block devices" and see if they are all associated with EBS volumes. That's easy. Where it gets cloudy, is when you attach an ephemeral drive to an instance (at launch time), but the console doesn't represent it like it does for an additional EBS volume. Further, you may need to manually mount the drive yourself... how can you easily know from the AWS console if an ephemeral drive is attached?

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Not the answer you want to hear but you cannot tell this from the console. As you noted there are 2 things that need to happen for data to be written to an ephemeral drive

1) You need to actually have that dev mounted. No way of telling from the console on this for any dev 2) You need to have that dev exposed to the instance via block mapping in the AMI.

You can assume that most (but not all) public AMIs will have all the possible ephemeral drives mapped (although hi1.8xl has 24 of these drives) and so then you just need to check if the instance type actually has support for ephemeral drives as many don't.

If you wish to avoid ephemeral drives being used, you should limit deployments to AMIs that you have created and removed any ephemeral drives from the block device mappings.

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Oh - there's a cloudwatch metric of DiskWriteBytes which you can use from an instance to see if anything has been written to an ephemeral disk! – cudds Aug 18 '14 at 18:44

On any ec2 instance you can call an http service to query for the instance details, e.g. to see attached block devices mapping:


to see details about a specific device:


You will get the mapping of this device, e.g.: /dev/xvdb

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Look in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg - the ephemeral should be listed there like:

 - [ ephemeral0, /media/ephemeral0, auto, "defaults" ]
 - [ swap, none, swap, sw, "0", "0" ]

Then in fstab you should see an entry like:

/dev/sda2   /media/ephemeral0   auto    defaults,comment=cloudconfig    0   2
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