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I am reposting this as this still is not working for me. I thought it was but does not seem to work as part of this function.

I have this function as below that creates a list of OPTIONS from the contents of a directory path $1 based on a filter I send as part of $2.

# Expects path and creates list of options, of the contents of the path in $1, from it based on filter in $2.
function LIST.GET.OPTIONS.PATH.FILTER() { local -a arr=( "$1"/*$2 ); arr=( "${arr[@]##*/}" ); select option in ${arr[*]}; do echo ${option}; break; done; }

It works when I send it '.pub' - lists all the public keys in a path. It does not work when I send it 'z.*.zip' - all zip files beginning with z. I would like it to be working for any regex if possible. Also - for the list to come out sorted - I don't understand why the list is not sorted.


I initially had it as:

local -a arr=( "$1"/*"$2" );

And you can see the answer here from 'theotherguy'. He said globs don't expand in double-qu.

bash4 - creating array of directory contents on regex filter

The other guy - hope you are seeing this because your answer worked, within a function - but when I used it calling it into another function as you told me to take out the " around $2 as it does not work for blobs.

So it WORKS when I do this - no " around $fileFilter:

local fileFilter='z.*.zip';
local -a fileArchives=( "${workingFilePATH[SOURCE.PATH]}"/*$fileFilter ); fileArchives=( "${fileArchives[@]##*/}" );

However it does not work when I pass it into a function. Again, like I said '.pub' works fine in the function.

Thank you for your help again.


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