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I have a RichTextBox that I write a string to every time I click a Form button. Each string begins with the string "Long" or "Short" and ends with a newline. Each time I add a string, it appends to the bottom of the RichTextBox. I'd like to color each line red if it beings with "Long" and blue if it begins with "Short". How can I do this?

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Sure, so what you can do is use the SelectionStart, SelectionLength and SelectionColor properties to accomplish this. It works quite well.

Check out this page for info on these properties.

You can know the length of the RichTextBox text and color this as you go by setting the SelectionStart property to the current length, get the Length of the string you are going to append, set the SelectionLength and then set the SelectionColor as appropriate. Rinse and repeat for each string added.

int length = richTextBox.TextLength;  // at end of text
richTextBox.SelectionStart = length;
richTextBox.SelectionLength = mystring.Length;
richTextBox.SelectionColor = Color.Red;

Something like that. Didn't try it out but that's how I remember it working.

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If you're going to down-vote the answer, how about a comment as to why. –  itsmatt Aug 8 '14 at 0:20
i'm actually not sure, i apologize. i am trying to upvote now and am unable unless the "question is edited". –  Ternary Aug 26 '14 at 18:24

I'm also came across the same problem but it was much complex than yours along with some readonly text inside the richtext box and also need to change the color of text based on specific requirement

Please check with my scenario before continue


POC source code is here


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I was just doing this in a program I was writing. I was doing something like @itsmatt but I feel a bit simpler. You are able to just set the Selectioncolor and from that point on the RichTextBox will be that color until you change it to something else. If you are testing every line this seems to work out well and is easy.

if(myString == "Long") 
  richTextBox.SelectionColor = Color.Red; 
  richTextBox.SelectionColor = Color.Green
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I like this method. It feels more efficient than appending the text and then going back and making it a different colour, plus you don't need to worry about selection starts/lengths. –  James Jul 7 '11 at 10:40
+1 because this is simpler and more elegant than the accepted answer. –  Adam Pierce Jan 23 '14 at 4:23

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