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I am searching for a keyword say "My system" So the readline will search for that keyword and copy the paragraph in which this keyword is present. I need to add '#" symbol before every line of the paragraph being printed. The code given below gives me just the first line added with "#".

for line in z.readlines():
    if "My system" in line:

How can i add "#" before every line of that particular paragraph. Please help

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How do you identify a paragraph? –  Lutz Horn Aug 13 at 6:36
whenever it encounters continuous 3 white spaces , a paragraph is identified, basically i am testing this code on a file with just 1 sample paragraph written. –  Maxxie Aug 13 at 6:41
Perhaps include a small sample file with more than one paragraph. Then show us the Python code you use to identify a paragraph in it. –  Lutz Horn Aug 13 at 6:45
You have to keep track where a pragraph starts and where it ends and add the # for every line in between. Something like inside=False;for line in z:if start_paragraph(line):inside=True;elif end_paragraph(line):inside=False;w.write(('#' if inside else '') + line) however you should provided a clear definition of what you consider a paragraph (and I have no idea what My system has to do with commenting paragraphs...). –  Bakuriu Aug 13 at 8:20

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Keep a buffer (e.g. a list) of lines that are part of the "current" paragraph as you are iterating through the lines. Set a flag when you find your keyword, and when you reach the next paragraph whitespace, print all of the buffered paragraph lines with or without your # symbol. Otherwise, by the time you've matched the keyword the previous lines are "done" from your loop's perspective.

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thnx @Jason S, but i am not sure as to how can i manipulate the above to carry on with these steps...can u help with that? –  Maxxie Aug 13 at 6:44

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