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I am working on an application that need to enumerate all currently running appications , List their names and take capture from their window as bitmap(for this i need to get HANDLE to the running application window). i am google about this but can not find any usefull artice or sample code to be my start point.

help me

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You are re-creating the Alt+Tab and/or Win+Tab application switcher…for little purpose. It is already built in. –  Cody Gray Aug 13 at 8:09

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you are looking for:

Enumerating processes:

BOOL WINAPI EnumProcesses


an example how to use is in same link

Enumerating windows



an example how to use it: How to stop EnumWindows running infinitely win32

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This is a good start, but EnumWindows won't give you a list of currently running applications. It will give you all of the windows that are currently displayed on the current desktop. Which will be a lot more windows than you expected. –  Cody Gray Aug 13 at 8:10
i know about mentioned ways. but how i can get only running application window HANDLE? –  Benyamin Jane Aug 13 at 8:18
@BenyaminJane Please define precisely what you mean by "running application window HANDLE" –  David Heffernan Aug 13 at 8:35
EnumWindows gives you the window handle in the callback function. Is that not what you're looking for, @Benyamin? –  Cody Gray Aug 13 at 8:37

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