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i am wondering is there a way to obtain some unique debian server (not user) identificator via php? Server is mine and i want my code runs only on that serwer. So i have to find some identificator on debian like hdd serial/number , motherboard s/n , cpu s/n etc. yhat i can get through php. So even if the software will be copied (althought it is ciphered) it cant work on any hardware but mine.

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In most cases, the MAC address (a unique identifier of the network hardware) is used to identify a server and to validate the software license. Unfortunately, you can't access the MAC address directly using PHP, but you can parse the output of the unix command system("netstat -ie", $output);.

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To complete topic

system("netstat -ie");

$needle= "HWaddr";
$pos = strpos($content, $needle);
echo $mac;

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