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I'm doing a small app using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js). For data transport between server and client I'm using socket.io. On connection, I want to emit a list of users from the server to the client. Like this:

// other var declarations above
var users = ['user1', 'user2', 'user3'],
    io = require('socket.io').listen(server),
    mySocket = io.of('/mySocket');

// other code that's not relevant here

mySocket.on('connection', function (socket) {
    console.log('mySocket connected.');
    socket.emit('users', users);

This logs to console mySocket connected and sends the users to the client. The client receives the data, but 4 times. Does this have to do with AngularJS dirty-checking? How do I write this code to only get it once?

The relevant Angular code:

//service that's passed in to controller
this.users = [];

connection.on('users', function (users) {
    this.users = users;
    console.log('users received.');
    console.log(this.users); // logs ['user1', 'user2', 'user3']


<div data-ng-controller="usercontroller as user">
        <li ng-repeat="user in user.users | orderBy: 'user'">
             {{ user }}

Thanks in advance.


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