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I am using oleread to read uploaded xls file. But I am not able to read xlsx files saved in excel-2007 format. can someone help me on how to read xlsx file in PHP.

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What have you tried already? –  jjclarkson Mar 27 '10 at 5:13
Script to read Excel file in php : allitstuff.com/read-excel-file-in-php-with-example –  jd namera Aug 21 '13 at 7:24

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  include 'simplexlsx.class.php';
  $xlsx = new SimpleXLSX('pricelist.xlsx');
  print_r( $xlsx->rows() );


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-1 "You need to be a registered user and login to get this file." –  PiTheNumber Aug 1 '12 at 11:51
@PiTheNumber phpkode.com/scripts/item/simple-xlsx –  gearsdigital Aug 3 '12 at 14:42
@gearsdigital Thanks, phpclasses is by far one of the worst sites. –  Chris Sep 7 '12 at 22:27
Indeed! Sometimes it's good to look further... :) –  gearsdigital Sep 8 '12 at 8:39
The version of SimpleXLSX at phpkoode.com is outdated. So it seems one still has to register at phpclasses :) I would recommend to Sergey (the author) to upload the class to GitHub for example. –  nightcoder Jan 9 '14 at 20:30

PHPExcel (see GitHub repository) is probably your best option. It's very slick and easy to use, I've had no problem with the new XLSX format.

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(from an anonymous user): Just be aware that PHPExcel can be memory hungry. You should consider this if you will be using it with spreadsheets of a few megabytes or larger. –  jefflunt Dec 8 '11 at 21:56
PHPExcel causes running out of memory when trying to load a 91kb .xlsx file... useless tool –  loostro Jul 6 '13 at 18:20
The problem with PHPExcel is not only with heavy memory usage, but also with speed. On my test XLS file (0.5Mb) PHPExcel takes 5 times more memory than Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader (30Mb vs 6Mb) and 6 times slower (6 secs vs 1 sec) :( –  nightcoder Jan 9 '14 at 19:43
Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader can't open xlsx format –  bksi Apr 7 '14 at 22:22
I can also confirm that PHPExcel will use a huge load of resources in excel files with many rows and/or columns. Use it only for simple excel files. –  sotoz Sep 30 '14 at 9:49

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