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I have my sources split up in several directories, so for each directory I get back a DLL. Is it possible to create a DLL from several other DLL's ?

EDIT: I'm using C++ with Windows CE Platform Builder 6.0 ( it's not managed )

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There is no tool that will do this automatically for native code DLLs. You would have create a new DLL and add the existing source code to that project. However, doing this is likely to require changes to the source code.

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Use ILMerge

Here you can download this.
Here is Sample for implementation.

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You can't create one DLL from multiple DLLs. Any such tool would be awkward since each DLL could have it's own DllMain.

You CAN create a DLL from multiple static libraries though. It shouldn't be too hard to reconfigure your setup that way.

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Could you please detail a bit ? –  Geo Oct 31 '08 at 8:17

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