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I have a Django project where the company will have a main site like and a bunch of sub-domains like Content appearing in the sub-domains like case studies should also appear in the main site. I've decided to use multiple instances of Django BUT one database for each sub-domain so that I can have some flexibility and take advantage of the Sites framework. What I'm not sure of is how to access the models across the multiple instances. If I have a model:

class CaseStudy(models.Model):

Do I need to create this model in every instance so that I can have access to the object?

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I'll just assume you have good reasons for having separate django instances rather than doing smart URL parsing in a single django project, since that seems easier to me. But I can see reasons to do it the hard way too.

Please don't copy the model code into each of your projects -- that way leads to madness. Instead, put the models that you want to share into a common directory and make sure it's included your PYTHONPATH environment variable so each instance can find it.

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I haven't tried looked at smart URL parsing,I had a look at but which seems to be one option to try. I just figured that multiple instances would be better based on the Sites framework. In my project each sub-domain will have web editor who would manage that content. – jwesonga Mar 27 '10 at 7:14

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