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I have shifted my work to Windows 8 Apps development from VS 2010, I was writing a small piece of code to read from CSV file and I was storing to DataTable, When I copied that code into VS 2013 - Windows App project, For "DataTable" no namespace was found, I tried to add "using System.Data" but that was also unavailable, Then I selected "Add Reference" and also I could not locate the Package.

kindly Somebody do tell if there is any trick to add System.Data Library reference with Windows App project.

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DataTables is not listed for Windows Store Apps ("Windows 8 Project"?). I suspect this applies to everything in System.Data.dll (which contains the System.Data namespace and DataTables), and it may not be suitable for any inclusion. Types/methods which are available for Store Apps will have a little 'green briefcase' icon next to them. – user2864740 Aug 13 '14 at 9:53

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