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I am trying to create a GUI for a small command line program. I am doing it in Jython as I am more comfortable with Python than Java.

A pear of my code looks like:

    self.f = JFrame("Demultiplex the data")
    self.f.setSize(900, 500)

    #Create a Text Area
    self.txtArea = JPanel(GridLayout(15,0))
    self.txtArea.setPreferredSize(Dimension(150, 150))
    self.textAreaForSheet = JTextField(30)
    self.textAreaInputForFolder = JTextField(30)
    self.textAreaOutPutFolder= JTextField(30)

    #Create Buttons
    self.buttonArea = JPanel(GridLayout(15,15))
    self.buttonArea.setPreferredSize(Dimension(150, 150))
    self.sampleSheetBtn = JButton("SampleSheet", actionPerformed=self.onClickSample)
    self.runOutPutFolder = JButton("RUN Folder",actionPerformed=self.onClickRun)
    self.DemultiplexOutPutFolder = JButton("Output Folder",actionPerformed=self.onClickOut)

    #Create Check Boxes
    self.CheckBox = JPanel(GridLayout(15,15))
    self.buttonArea.setPreferredSize(Dimension(150, 150))
    self.Iter1 = JCheckBox("01_0M_NY", True,)
    self.Iter2 = JCheckBox("02_0M_N", True,)
    self.Iter3 = JCheckBox("03_1M_NY", True,)
    self.Iter4 = JCheckBox("04_1M_N", True,)


    #Create a Run button "Demultiplex"
    self.ExecutePanel = JPanel()
    self.RunBtn = JButton("Demultiplex",actionPerformed= self.performDemultiplex)

    #Add everything to JFrame
    self.f.add(self.txtArea, BorderLayout.CENTER)
    self.f.add(self.buttonArea, BorderLayout.WEST)
    self.f.add(self.CheckBox, BorderLayout.EAST)
    self.f.add(self.ExecutePanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH)

But I want the console 'self.console=JTextArea(10,80)' to occupy the major area in the centre. I am a biologist and please help me.

How it Looks Now: enter image description here

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You say you want to have console in the center, then why don’t you add it to the center? At the moment you are adding txtArea to the center and ExecutePanel, which contains your console, to the south. Btw. your constant switching between lowercase and uppercase names is horrible. –  Holger Aug 13 at 12:15

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For the reasons discussed here, don't use setPreferredSize(). The calculated preferred size for your components, including the JTextArea(10,80), will be correct for the platform's Look & Feel after you add the text area to the frame's BorderLayout.CENTER and pack() the enclosing Window.

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