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I have a typical gamer clan page (ilch CMS) and I took videos to set them as a video background.

I use this code to embed them :

$erg = db_query('SELECT * FROM `prefix_videobg` Where active = 1');

while ($r = db_fetch_assoc($erg)) {
   $string = $r['file'];
   $position_des_letzten_punktes = strrpos($string, '.');
   $dname = substr($string, 0, $position_des_letzten_punktes);
   echo '<video class="covervid-video" autoplay loop poster="video-fallback.png">';
   echo ' <source src="./upload/'.$dname.'.webm" type="video/webm">';
   echo ' <source src="./upload/'.$dname.'.mp4" type="video/mp4">';
   echo '</video>';
   echo '<script src="include/designs/TiWlog/covervid.min.js"></script>';
   echo '<!-- Call CoverVid -->';
   echo '<script type="text/javascript">$(".covervid-video").coverVid(1920, 1080);</script>';

As you can see, I have a database with all videos and I can choose via the admin panel which one is active.

It runs perfectly and I did a browser test and all browsers display the video properly.

But then I realized that only IE is downloading the video each time resulting lots of waste traffic for IE users.

I checked the page in Chrome: the video loads once and is then cached until a new video is activated. Opera: same as Chrome. Firefox: same as Chrome. IE: Downloads the video on each page load.

I tried the manifest option, but IE is still downloading the video file from the server instead of fetching it from cache.

Any idea why this happens?


IE compatiblity view dosent help.

Want to test it yourself? check the page @ tiw

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add your page to Internet Explorer's Compatibility View Settings. You won't believe how many issues Compatibility View fixes.

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thx for the answer - this didn´t help .. with compatiblity on - my CMS stop to work and the videos aren´t shown. – mic Aug 14 '14 at 12:03

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