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I'm using a TCPServer inside an activity. For simplify my design I make my activity ihnerit from TCPServerConnectionFactory. With that, my activity implement CreateConnection() method.

To create my TCPServer I make :

Poco::Net::TCPServer(this, serverSocket);

Unfortunately, when my TCPServer is destroyed, it also destroy (this) that I have given in parameter. So it call dtor of my activity, that's really annoying.

Looking deeply in the Poco code and I see that TCPServer create a Poco::shared_Ptr of (this) and when this Shared_Ptr is destroyed, it delete the content of the shared_ptr.

How I can pass (this) to TCPServer without be destroyed at the end of the life of TCPServer ?

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You have to pass the connection factory allocated on the heap to the TCPServer. For an example, see TimeServer example:

class TimeServerConnection: public TCPServerConnection

// ...

class TimeServerConnectionFactory: public TCPServerConnectionFactory
  // ...
  TCPServerConnection* createConnection(const StreamSocket& socket)
    return new TimeServerConnection(socket, _format);
  // ...

// set-up a server socket
ServerSocket svs(port);
// retain the handle to shared ptr for later use
TCPServerConnectionFactory::Ptr pTSCF = new TimeServerConnectionFactory(format);
// set-up a TCPServer instance
TCPServer srv(pTSCF, svs);
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Yes I know that I can do that with a new TSC() but I would like to give a persistant object which will not be destroyed automatically at the end of the life of the TCPServer –  lgm42 Oct 21 at 11:09
You can keep the shared pointer so it will not be destroyed in TCPServer because you will have the last ref count. I have updated the code in the answer above. –  Alex Oct 21 at 14:31
Ok I can do that but is there a possibility to create a shared ptr of this ? –  lgm42 Nov 6 at 13:20
TCPServerConnectionFactory::Ptr is Poco::SharedPtr, see github.com/pocoproject/poco/blob/develop/Net/include/Poco/Net/… –  Alex Nov 7 at 1:25
Yes I know but if I would to use first idea I would to provide this to TCP server as this is TCPServerConnectionFactory. If think I can't do Poco::Net::TCPServer(TCPServerConnectionFactory::Ptr(this), serverSocket); –  lgm42 Nov 7 at 8:05

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