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SSRS report folder permissions – can we set to create, read, write but not delete the user folders or other users reports in SSRS 2005?


I have one query in regards to sql server reporting services SSRS 2005 securities.

In SSRS, we have different remote users and each user has permission setup to login and create ad hoc reports and view SSRS standard reports.

The problem i have having is that, according to the built-in security permissions like 'Publisher' for example or 'MyReports', I can not seperate the create, view and delete permissions assigned to the users.

In other words, I want a user to create, view and save reports but should NOT be able to delete reports or folders. Deleting his own reports/folders are fine.

But at the moment a user can create a folder, save reports, view reports and subscribe to reports and but for some reason can also DELETE their own created reports as well as other users' reports/folders which is really annoyning.

As an Admin, i am the Content manager, and publisher and every thing, but users have only BROWSE AND PUBLISHER (publisher is because creation of the folder and saving reports is only possible with this permission) but i DO NOT want them to delete folders or reports which is created by other users.

How can i achieve this. Hope that explains the scenerio. Any Help will be appreciated.

Thanks again.

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