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I use this command to copy all files whose names start with 'file' from a server. scp -vp me@server:/location/files* ./

But i got a 'No Match' error. probably Concerning the '' in the command. How can i protect the '' for ssh to understand that this refers to a list of files and not taking it as a filename.

Thx August

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The shell itself is expanding the *. You can escape this by quoting it or using backslashes to prevent the shell interpreting it and instead passing it directly to scp:

scp -vp me@server:/location/files\*
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if you want files started with file then it should be

scp me@server:/location/file* .



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btw, scp does support wild card, so * works, more info read – user227353 Apr 29 '10 at 18:33

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