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Seem to be getting an error related to my symlink in my browser pretty sure it is. I have ssh into my server and created the symlink (ln -s location/of/library new/symlink/location) which is how I would of do it on my local environment. when you list the files in my library folder it appears that the in red on my terminal which makes me think the sum link is made.... I have also tried to amended the apache conf file to make it allow symlink to work but doesn't seem to work is this correct below, anyone know why am still getting an error.

# koa.url.co

<Directory /home/iacovos/app/koa/public>
       AllowOverride All
       Options FollowSymLinks

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName koa.url.co
   ServerAdmin webmaster@url.co
   DocumentRoot /home/iacovos/app/koa/public
   ErrorLog /home/iacovos/app/koa/log/error
   CustomLog /home/iacovos/app/koa/log/access common
   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/iacovos/app/koa/cgi-bin

   <Directory /home/iacovos/app/koa/public/>
       Require all granted
       Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
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If it's showing as red it's because the link is broken. Apache won't work until you fix it –  arco444 Aug 13 at 15:16
I ssh into my server, and ran the command ln -s libraries/_source/Imagine/ libraries/Imagine –  iGeorgiou Aug 14 at 10:37
correct me if am wrong but that is the correct method to create one –  iGeorgiou Aug 14 at 10:38

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