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I am wondering if I can do something like this in ExtJS. I am creating my own button as an xtype and want it to be used in the table row I am creating.

testTpl:  Ext.DomHelper.createTemplate(
        tag: 'tbody',
        children: [
                tag: 'tr',
                cls: 'test-row',
                    tag: 'td',
                    cls: 'test-table-cell test-class1',
                    html: '{value1}'
                       tag: 'td',
                       cls: 'test-table-cell test-class2',
                       html: '{value2}'
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Its not possible to place ExtJS components inside of a extjs template. Though what you could do is to create a placeholder in your template and render ExtJS components into that placeholder in the render function.

Here are some links with examples:

ExtJS 4.2.1 - add textfield to an XTemplate

Extjs component inside Ext.XTemplate on EXTJS 4

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