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I have two issues i'm trying to understand. in chromecast console, when i add a https link to my css and click PREVIEW I can see a partial screen preview that I then want to test.

When my ios app attaches to the chromecast, I only see the name of my app, not any of the css content that previewed sucessfully. Why does the CSS images (.logo, .splash) not show up on the chromecast HDTV display? Is there some size limit to these images (i'm using 1024px images)?

Also if i change the name of my app, the new name (from "app" to "app2") is not displayed after i save the changes. Is there some multi-hour cache update delay that I must account for in testing changes? The caching does not appear to be in the device as i have rebooted it between changes.

e.g. as follows -- i've also tried to use full URL instead of relative to the css url.

.logo { background-image: url(PhotoChromeAppStoreImage.png); background-size: 1024px 1024px; }

.splash {   background-image: url(PhotoChromeAppStoreImage.png);   background-size: 1024px 1024px; }
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I suggest you open a chrome debugger session to port 9222 and look at your receiver code there and see if you are getting any 404 or 403 or something of that nature when it tries to access your images. –  Ali Naddaf Aug 13 '14 at 18:05

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