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How can i dynamically create a textBox and a Masked Edit extender inside a Panel. My code is something like this: In the ASPX page:

<asp:Repeater Id = "Repeater1" runat="server" DataSource="Function1" OnitemDataBound="ShowProducts_OntemDataBound">
<asp: Panel Id= "Panel1" runat="server">
<cc1:MaskedEditExtender Id="MskEdit" Mask="(999)-999-9999">

In the Aspx.Cs page

Private DataView Function1()
Dataview dv =new dataview();
return dv;

    Private void ShowProducts_OntemDataBound(object sender, RepeaterEventItem e)
//Consider For the First Iteration of the Repeater I am Creating a Simple Text Box Dynamically
Textbox txt = new textbox();
txt.Text = "8888888888";
txt.Id = "TextBox1";

//Consider For the Second Iteration of the Repeater I am Creating another TextBox and a 
Textbox txt1 = new textBox();
txt1.Id = "TextBox2";

MaskedEditExtender mskEdit = (MaskedEditExtender)e.Item.FindControl("MskEdit");
mskEdit.TargetControlId = txt1.Id;

Panel panel1 = (Panel)e.item.Findcontrol("Panel1");

When running the above code it is giving me "Null Reference Exception for MaskedEditExtender".Please suggest me some way for this.

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place a check if e.ItemFindControl("MskEdit") is not null, because in header, footer rows, it will be. here is the code:

MaskedEditExtender mskEdit = (MaskedEditExtender)e.Item.FindControl("MskEdit"); mskEdit.TargetControlId = txt1.Id;
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Hi Prashant, But this "Null Reference Issue" is coming up only after the page starts is not showing any error while the control is getting loaded. Regards Viswa – Viswa Mar 27 '10 at 14:07
okie, then you have to add ascx page code as well – Prashant Lakhlani Mar 27 '10 at 14:22
You are missing Runat="server" in mask edit control, add it and you are done!! – Prashant Lakhlani Mar 29 '10 at 7:25

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