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I am creating a plugin for Eclipse 3.4. I created a plug-in development project using the application with a view. Now I am trying to create a TextViewer the documentation says that it is located in org.eclipse.jface.text.TextViewer. But, this whole package is missing and eclipse cannot locate TextViewer class to import. I want to know why is this package/class missing? Also if it is really gone what took TextViewer's place?

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Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.ui,

Add org.eclipse.jface.text as a dependency in your plugin manifest. You can use 3rd party tools (like IBM's JAR Class Finder) to locate dependencies, or, alternatively, create a dummy plugin that imports everything from the target platform and use the Open Type dialog (CTRL+SHIFT+T).

If you don't like the manual route, have a look at the Automated Management of Dependencies feature in the manifest editor, though care should be taken with this.

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in 3.4 i have it inside


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