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We receive a lot of Packages from FedEX and UPS, etc. I'm looking to find some kind of service where I can input the package tracking number into my internal company website and then call "some api" to give me the information about the package. I'm looking for the origin, destination, dimensions, weight, and piece count. This is to save manually entering the data. I found easypost.com which seems to be a third party for dealing with multiple carriers but they're focused on shipping only. Not receiving.

Is there a third party service that might do this for me? Or do I need to try and work with each carrier individually and assuming so do they have api's for that information? I know there's some commercial software that does things like this but I would like to integrate with our current systems which is java and XPages based.

Thanks for any advice

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All of the shipping companies have their own API program. From the first look, they are quite similar, so you just might want to talk to their (REST) APIs directly. Have a look at the sites:

Or try the catch-them-all services:

More can be found at programmableWeb.

Would make a good NotesInNine

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