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I am new to Google App Engine, I have this entites User class -
user_id - integer
user_name - string
password - string

I want to do auto increment for the user_id,How I can do this?

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Be aware that app engine does not guarantee that the ids it generates will be contiguous - you might end up with ids 1, 2, and 4 for example, with id 3 never being used. – Peter Recore Mar 27 '10 at 16:42

You don't need to declare user_id, GAE will create a unique key id every time you insert a new row.

class User(db.Model):
user_name = db.StringProperty()
password = db.StringProperty()

and to store a new user you will do:

user = User()
user.user_name = "Username"
user.password = "Password"

to retrieve it:

user = User.get_by_id(<id of the user>)

to retrieve all the ids:

query = datamodel.User().all()
for result in query:
    print result.key().id()

See The Model Class for further reference.

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Every entity in the AppEngine already has a unique key and id (see the documentation):


You would be better off using that instead.

To do the converse, use User.get_by_id(id).

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