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I installed Macport on my Mac for using RPM. After successful installation (I think), "rpmbuild" and "rpm" command is accessible. But rpmbuild always failed.

I checked "rpm --showrc" and noticed that there are a lot of macros are missing. For example, %__spec_prep_cmd, %__spec_prep_post, %__spec_prep_template. Therefore I have to define all these macros in /opt/local/lib/rpm/macros.

Can someone help me why is that? Do I miss some steps during Macport installation?

Here is my installation steps:

  1. Download OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion version: MacPorts-2.3.1-10.8-MountainLion.pkg
  2. sudo port -v selfupdate
  3. port search rpm
  4. port install rpm54
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Edit the default macros file (likely in /opt/local/lib/rpm/macros) to load (at least) macros.rpmbuild by uncommenting the line that looks like:

# ---- rpmbuild macros.

Remove the leading "#%"

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