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If I have a low-res .png texture, how can I scale it up (to use it as an SKSpriteNode) without blurring the image? The same way Minecraft uses 16x16 pixel textures for blocks. Obviously I could store a high-res version of the pixelated graphics, but that's a waste of storage space. Is there any way to scale up textures in SpriteKit while preserving the pixelated look?

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try yourSKTexture.filteringMode = SKTextureFilteringNearest; –  huocp Aug 14 at 0:01
Thanks, that works! I could only find an option like this for CGImageRef but that's a bit more complicated to use. SKTexture works just fine with that option set :) –  adam10603 Aug 14 at 0:13
@huocp add your comment as an answer, so that it may be accepted. –  ZeMoon Aug 14 at 6:49

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try yourSKTexture.filteringMode = SKTextureFilteringNearest;

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