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So i'm developing an app where I need to get posts from a certain facebook group. I obtain the access tokens with the Javascript SDK, and made all the API calls server-side using that token.

Now I need to update the app to the API v2.1, problem is that the Javascript SDK returns a token that only calls API v2.0.

In the Graph API Explorer, when i "GET" a certain post, lets say "1483618775203669_1513925692172977" specifically for the v2.1, with the token returned from the Javascript SDK, it calls the v2.0 API, but with the Access Token automatically generated by facebook, it calls the 2.1 API

I've changed the javascript configuration to specify the 2.1 API as it follows

 appId: '529974393756xxx',
 xfbml: true,
 version: 'v2.1'

But it stills returning the "2.0 only token".

Any help will be really appreciated :)

Thanks in advance

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You need to specify which api to use when getting "1483618775203669_1513925692172977" otherwise it will fallback to the oldest version you are allowed to use –  WizKid Aug 14 '14 at 17:13

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