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I would like to add social media buttons and productivity buttons to my blog. Ex:

Is there an official Evernote button that would trigger "save to evernote" or something similar? or any other resource that is useful?

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The closest I know of would be using AddToAny:

  • Go to the form for getting buttons for websites .
  • Select more options next to the Get Button Code button
  • Select prioritize services and then Evernote from the list.
  • Embed the button code on your blog!
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Found the url code for Evernote Clipping, as below.

Just in case if only need the Evernote one not others.

    <a href="{{your-site-url}}" target="_blank" title="Clip to Evernote" onclick="'' + encodeURIComponent(document.URL) + '&amp;t=' +  encodeURIComponent(document.title)); return false;">
    <img src="{{your-icon-url}}">
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