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I am searching a Perl module to write (SMTP) and read (IMAP) e-mails. Which module out of the bunch would you suggest?

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MIME::Lite is the most widely used and stable module around for sending e-mails. It supports sendmail and SMTP sending methods.

For IMAP, it depends on how low-level your needs are, but Net::IMAP::Client is simple to use and should suit most needs.

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MIME::Lite is not recommended by current maintainer. –  Axel Bregnsbo Jun 20 '14 at 20:07

For email sending, Email::Sender is pretty neat.

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For sending emails I've been a long (time || in the tooth) user of MIME::Lite and have many scripts/programs that use it.

However recently I've been using Email::Stuff and would highly recommend looking at it.

For Perl email information in general then the Perl Email Project would be a good resource but its currently under reconstruction.

In lieu of this I recommend you keep an eye on Ricardo Signes blog (rjbs is the core maintainer of the Perl Email Project and pretty much ubiquitous with everything email in Perl!).

Here are a few useful links from rjbs recent advent calendar:


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I've used Mail::Sendmail in the past, and it's worked great. Just need Perl and a network connection.

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