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I am having problems using setup releases with a github token. I like travis-ci but I am not willing to hand out my github password - I need to use the token and I read the documentation as this should be possible this way. Unfortunately it still asks for pasword:

$ travis login --github-token XXXXXXXXX
Successfully logged in as ligi!

$ travis whoami 
You are ligi (ligi)

$ travis setup releases
Detected repository as ligi/gobandroid, is this correct? |yes| 
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The Travis CI CLI will not send the GitHub password to Travis CI, instead it will send it to GitHub and use it to generate a GitHub token (the same is true for travis login).

However, if you still feel uncomfortable, you can configure the deployment manually.

Add the following to your .travis.yml:

  provider: releases
  file: "FILE TO UPLOAD"
  skip_cleanup: true
    tags: true
    all_branches: true

You can encrypt the GitHub OAuth token via travis encrypt .... It is not necessary to be logged in via the CLI for this, and the encryption happens locally.

See http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/releases/ for the full documentation

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