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I am trying to get the RSSI using the windows API. So far, I have found this thread saying to use the wlan_intf_opcode_rssi with the WlanQueryInterface function. I am not too sure what the reply means on that thread and was hoping someone could clarify.

All i have managed to understand from the other thread is this:


I am not sure what to do after here. Any help would be appreciated!

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What is the problem exactly? Are you getting an error code back from WlanQueryInterface? – snowcrash09 Aug 14 '14 at 12:29

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You're passing the wrong type of argument to WlanQueryInterface. MSDN says that the return type for wlan_intf_opcode_rssi is LONG, so you need to pass a pointer to a LONG variable, like this:

LONG rssi = 0;
DWORD dwSizeRssi = sizeof(rssi);
dwResult = WlanQueryInterface(hClient,
    (PVOID *)&rssi,

if (dwResult == ERROR_SUCCESS)
    wprintf(L"RSSI = %u \n", rssi);
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Thank you so much! – Ben Evans Aug 14 '14 at 18:42

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