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when i read through source files of opensource projects i often come across some weird phrases in the comments

@brief ......  

1.What are they?(were not mentioned when i was learning c++)
2.Do they have any documentation(where)

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Though, Doxygen comments are actually marked with /** or /// instead of /* and // – sellibitze Aug 29 '10 at 19:54
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They are just comments and as such have no special meaning in C++. They are probably to allow a documentation generator (For example Doxygen) to extract the data from the comments.

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Those are for some flavour of automatic documentation generator. Another program runs through the code looking for comments of like you see there. The @... keywords identify how the documentation should be laid out, and that program generates pretty HTML or printed documentation directly from the source code. It's a way to keep the docs up-to-date with the code more easily.

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