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I just downloaded the latest FBConnect build, popped in my keys and getting a mysterious hanging error only when I try to post a feed without previewing (setting preview to zero). The activity indicated disappears and the blank dialog window just hangs there. (This mirrors what I was getting on the app I was developing).

If I try to post a feed with preview it works; set preview to zero it just hangs.

Again, tha'ts with the sample project "Publish Feed" button. Hitting getting permission button and then Publish Feed does same thing... Other developers have confirmed seeing this too. Apps that have previously had working feed posts have been broken for weeks. Discussions on facebook connect forum seem to be related to this.

More Info Here:

I have to submit my app to apple in less than 3 hours... please assist!

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virtual +1 to @Michael for silently recognizing that URGENT! means 'only read this question to leave a wise-ass remark about URGENT' ;-) – Sky Sanders Mar 27 '10 at 18:46
True...but this time it's warranted; I literally have a few hours to make apple's iPad deadline! – KeithComito Mar 27 '10 at 19:18

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