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how to get the you tube video download link ?.I have made some efforts to get the you tube video download link . Actually i am confused.I am posting a link Please tell me is this correct or not to download a video from you tube thanks in advance


well i have get the url, signature, and itag . the above url may download video from Youtube where s is 'signature' and 140 is 'itag'

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dropbox.com/s/uw6rgff07ip1k7g/FavouriteVideoDownloader.apk here is the link of project which we developed in android in which we are downloading youtube video from youtube server do you want same? –  Android is everything for me Aug 14 at 9:52
yes . I am also doing that in my android app . But don't know how to get the you tube url . please may you post the source code to get the link from youtube. –  user2822322 Aug 14 at 11:09
send it to nitishrajput01@gmail.com –  user2822322 Aug 14 at 11:13

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Youtube video download links cannot be obtained directly from the url usually they are embeded in the youtube player parameters. if you look at the html source of the web page you can find them These links can be obtained using youtube-dl.However youtube-dl is a commandline program .

If you are looking for a more simple solution checkout different plugins for browsers such as chrome and firefox

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if you want to download youtube video here is a very simple solution try http://keepvid.com/ paste your youtube video url and download it..

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