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When I"http://blarg") in chrome, I get a new tab. If I delay the open, say using a jquery $(hrm).animate({},5e3,function(){; it opens the url in a new window with no status bar, etc — if I give it permission to pop-up that is.

I'm looking for a way to get the instant behavior, that is, I wish to open a URL after an animation, but still in a new tab.

I imagine I could get by with learning a way to instruct chrome to never ever open pop-ups and to always open them in tabs (I imagine there's a webkit setting, why it's not a built in is a mystery); but I'd rather try to find a way to do it from the javascript if possible.

I somewhat doubt there's any way to do this though. I'm not aware of any javascript that's tab-aware.

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Do you really need to open a new window? – jholster Mar 27 '10 at 20:07

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A similar question was asked about tabs in Firefox, but the same answer applies:

There is no way to force a window to open as a tab. It's all dependent on the user's preference settings.

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